Beta Spectrometry


Beta spectrometry is performed at BTI using either plastic or liquid scintillation spectrometry. A number of analysis options are available depending on the nature of the sample and the level of sophistication required. These options are listed below. For solids, a minimum sample size of 5g is required. For water and aqueous solutions, a minimum volume of 1000ml is required.

A) High Energy Beta (150keV – 2.5MeV) Analysis on Plastic Scintillator

Typical radionuclides include 144Ce and 90Sr.

B) Low Energy Beta Analysis (<200keV) on Liquid Scintillator

A maximum of three radionuclides can be determined simultaneously for any given sample. If more than three beta emitters are present, radiochemical separation techniques must be employed.

Typical radionuclides include 3H, 14C, 36Cl and 63Ni.

C) Tritium (3H) Analysis

Aliquots from liquid samples are counted directly using liquid scintillator spectrometry.

D) Radiochemical Separation

To obtain the most reliable estimate of activity, radiochemical separation is required if more than one beta emitter is present in the sample. Samples are digested in acid and each radioisotope is chemically isolated.

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