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Defence & Aerospace

Defence & Aerospace

BTI provides radiation and explosives detection technologies to defence and aerospace customers around the world. Protecting military personnel and supporting space missions demands advanced technologies which are built and tested to the highest standards to ensure they perform under mission conditions. Please select a product/service below or contact us for more information.

Operator using the FlexSpec Backpack System in a stadium setting looking for radiation

FlexSpec Backpack

The newest addition to the FlexSpec product line, the FlexSpec Backpack offers users a state-of-the-art, portable, directional system for detection, identification, and localization of radioactive sources. The lightweight, rugged, weatherproof detection unit can be transferred to different backpacks or other carriers and connects wirelessly to an Android smartphone or tablet with a range of greater than 50 feet.

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industrial space

Flexspec Fixed-Site System

FlexSpec spectroscopic fixed-site detection systems offer a flexible and modular architecture to enable a system configured to meet your site requirements and budget. Remote monitoring, advanced automated isotope identification, and alarm categorization help operators make rapid and informed decisions.

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SUV parked near a sea container with the FlexSpec x8400 system visible from the window and trunk

FlexSpec Mobile

The FlexSpec Mobile is a state-of-the-art mobile radiation detection system which provides high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection with left versus right directionality.

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Portal Upgrades

Radiation Portal Upgrades

Many existing radiation portal systems can be upgraded using FlexSpec detectors, hardware, and software. By upgrading your existing system, you benefit from the same advanced features provided by all FlexSpec systems while reducing your installation and operating costs.

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FlexSpec X8400 System case mounted on top of a tactical police boat near a harbour

FlexSpec Maritime

FlexSpec Maritime systems feature high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection, with left vs. right directionality, to meet the needs of maritime radiation detection missions.

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Rad Compass


The RadCompass is a unique instrument, offering a compact, easy-to-use, low cost solution for radioactive source localization. This directional survey meter displays both gamma dose rate and 360º directional information and is an ideal tool for first-responders, military personnel, and industrial radiation surveyors.

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Rad Bump


The RadBump offers a unique radiation detection system that allows the operator to covertly monitor vehicles for potential radioactive threats.

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BTI’s MICROSPEC-6™ is a powerful, portable spectroscopic survey system for the detection, identification, and measurement of ionizing radiation.

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Mobile Microspec

Mobile Microspec

Bubble Technology Industries has developed a spectroscopic mobile system that can be easily mounted on any vehicle platform. This system (called the “MOBILE MICROSPEC”) is ideally suited for mobile platforms.

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Neutron probe

Microspec Neutron Probe

Bubble Technology Industries N-PROBE is a revolutionary portable neutron scintillation spectrometer, designed to be used by non-specialists for measurement of low-intensity neutron doses in the mixed field environments often found in nuclear utilities, fuel storage areas, fuel and waste processing operations and military applications.

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G Probe

Microspec Gamma Probes

In the MICROSPEC system, NaI response functions and efficiencies are stored in the on-board computer. The acquired spectrum is stripped and used to calculate dose equivalent using internationally accepted energy-dose conversion coefficients. The result is a NaI-based system that provides highly accurate, energy-independent, tissue equivalent dose.

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X-Ray Probe

Microspec X-Ray Probe

The MICROSPEC X-Ray Probe was developed to perform spectral and dose-equivalent measurements for low-energy photons for assessment of radiological hazards for the skin Hp(0.07) and eye Hp(3). The MICROSPEC X-Ray Probe uses a thin NaI crystal, which has low detection efficiency for high-energy gamma rays and high detection efficiency for low-energy gamma rays.

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Beta Probe

Microspec Beta Probe

Bubble Technology Industries’ MICROSPEC systems were the first truly portable spectroscopic instruments providing the two essential pieces of information required by health physicists – dose rate and radionuclide identification. In addition to an extensive line of photon probes, BTI offers the only commercially available portable beta spectrometer, the B-PROBE™.

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SSS Probe

ROSPEC SSS Probe – Simple Scintillation Spectrometer

The Simple Scintillation Spectrometer (SSS) is a research neutron spectrometer intended to complement the range of ROSPECTM by allowing measurements from 4 to 16 MeV.

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Calibration Caps

MICROSPEC Calibration Caps

MICROSPEC calibration caps are used for automatic energy calibration in BTI’s MOBILE MICROSPEC and MICROSPEC-6 spectroscopic probe systems. An appropriate cap must be purchased separately for each probe purchased.

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ROSPEC – Rotating Neutron Spectrometer

ROSPEC is a user friendly, unique rotating neutron spectrometer designed specifically for the spectral measurement of degraded fission neutrons, which may be encountered in nuclear power and fuel processing plants, weapons-related military facilities and accelerator laboratories. ROSPEC is intended for use by non-specialists for the characterization of neutron fields that pose a health threat.

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FNS 100 – Fast Neutron Spectrometer 100

The BTI FNS-100 is a high efficiency, high resolution fast neutron spectrometer. The detector is a multi-wire He-3 ion chamber with a dense quenching gas. The availability of both high efficiency and exceptional resolution in one instrument makes the FNS-100 useful for nuclear science and engineering, materials research and radiation protection.

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BD-PND – Personal Neutron Dosimeter

Bubble Detectors are the most sensitive, accurate, neutron dosimeters available. Used for over 15 years by nuclear facilities, research institutes, military personnel, and the medical community, Bubble Detectors provide instant visible detection and measurement of neutron dose. The BD-PND is the recommended detector for personal neutron dosimetry.

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BDT – Bubble Detector Thermal

The Bubble Detector is the only neutron dosimeter where the response is independent of dose rate and energy, with zero sensitivity to gamma radiation. Health physicists and others who are especially concerned with thermal neutron dose can take advantage of the simplicity and low cost of thermal Bubble Detectors. The BDT Bubble Detector is preferentially sensitive to thermalized neutrons, with an exclusion ratio of thermal-to-fast neutron response exceeding 10:1.

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BDR-III – Bubble Detector Reader III

The Bubble Technology Industries BDR-III automatic reader was specially designed for fast and accurate analysis of the complete range of patented neutron bubble detectors. The BDR-III reader is the instrument of choice for users who process intermediate or large numbers of bubble detectors as part of their dosimetry program.

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Calibration Detector

BDR-III Calibration Detector

The BDR-III provides bar code-ready, fully automated counting with machine vision technology that generates database compatible files in a compact, simple-to-use instrument. To allow the user to verify the proper operation of the BDR-III, a calibration detector is provided with each reader. Additional calibration detectors can be purchased separately for the BDR-III reader as required. 

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Calibration Services

Survey Meter Calibration

BTI has licensed facilities to support survey meter calibration and verification of calibration in accordance with CNSC regulations.

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Business Meeting

CNSC Licence Application & Support

In Canada, the possession and use of nuclear substances and radiation devices are regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) in accordance with the Nuclear Safety and Control Act …

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Custom Product

Custom Products

BTI regularly provides custom radiation, explosives, and contraband detection products for our clients’ special applications. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

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