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BTI’s state-of-the-art FlexSpec product line is based upon modular components that can be packaged and tailored for a wide range of radiation detection applications.

Operator using the FlexSpec Backpack System in a stadium setting looking for radiation

FlexSpec Backpack

The newest addition to the FlexSpec product line, the FlexSpec Backpack offers users a state-of-the-art, portable, directional system for detection, identification, and localization of radioactive sources. The lightweight, rugged, weatherproof detection unit can be transferred to different backpacks or other carriers and connects wirelessly to an Android smartphone or tablet with a range of greater than 50 feet.

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industrial space

Flexspec Fixed-Site System

FlexSpec spectroscopic fixed-site detection systems offer a flexible and modular architecture to enable a system configured to meet your site requirements and budget. Remote monitoring, advanced automated isotope identification, and alarm categorization help operators make rapid and informed decisions.

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SUV parked near a sea container with the FlexSpec x8400 system visible from the window and trunk

FlexSpec Mobile

The FlexSpec Mobile is a state-of-the-art mobile radiation detection system which provides high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection with left versus right directionality.

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Portal Upgrades

Radiation Portal Upgrades

Many existing radiation portal systems can be upgraded using FlexSpec detectors, hardware, and software. By upgrading your existing system, you benefit from the same advanced features provided by all FlexSpec systems while reducing your installation and operating costs.

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FlexSpec X8400 System case mounted on top of a tactical police boat near a harbour

FlexSpec Maritime

FlexSpec Maritime systems feature high-sensitivity gamma and neutron detection, with left vs. right directionality, to meet the needs of maritime radiation detection missions.

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