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Dr. Martin Smith Presents Results from the Measurements of Neutron Radiation on the International Space Station

On March 26th, 2015, Dr. Martin Smith, a Senior Scientist at Bubble Technology Industries, presented the “Measurements of Neutron Radiation on the International Space Station” to the Canadian Nuclear Society. Protection of astronauts from radiation is a high priority for long-duration human spaceflight, including proposed exploration missions to the moon and Mars. In order to improve understanding of radiation in space, measurements have been performed in low-Earth orbit for many years. These measurements, including those conducted using bubble detectors designed and manufactured by Bubble Technology Industries (BTI), have shown that neutrons contribute significantly to the total radiation dose received by astronauts. Since 2006, bubble detectors have been used to characterize neutron radiation on the International Space Station. These experiments have been performed by crewmembers including Canadian astronauts Bob Thirsk and Chris Hadfield. Results from these experiments can be found in Oxford Journal’s Radiation Protection Dosimetry Volume 133 issue 4, Volume 152 issue 4 and Volume 163, issue 1.