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The RadBump offers a unique radiation detection system that allows the operator to covertly monitor vehicles for potential radioactive threats.

The rugged sensor assembly detects elevated levels of gamma radiation as the vehicle passes over the speed bump and quickly notifies the operator, allowing the user to identify potential threats and segregate these threats from the main flow of traffic for further investigation.

The system is operated and monitored with a simple, user-friendly control box. A sunlight-viewable LED, in conjunction with an audio alarm, alerts the user to a potential radiation threat.  If desired, the control box may be connected to a computer or data storage device.  The system is portable and easy to re-locate and deploy.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensor Type Geiger-Müller tube gamma radiation sensor
  • Sensors Per Lane Configurable from 1 to 4 sensors
  • Control Box Size 5”x4”x1.25”
  • Power 9 – 28 VDC, Optional 110VAC adapter
  • Data Transmission Custom cable (each sensor to control box), optional USB communication cable from control box to computer
  • Temperature Range -20ºC to +50ºC (-4°F to +122°F )